Monday, April 7, 2008

What Miracle ?

So, this pregnant man story is really starting to piss me off. I know every birth is a miracle of its own, every sunrise bla, bla , bla
On the news they said “First man ever is pregnant” Oprah said the same thing leading up to him being on the show. Now I understand it’s better to say Pregnant Man because of the shock value. You say this and people will stay on the channel and watch the show to see what the hell is going on, I was one of those who clicked on the Yahoo homepage thinking? Oh SHIT! The human race is over! Because if I were God this, along with cloning are things that would make me flood the earth again.
Once I saw the story and realized that it was a woman who a few years ago cut off her boobs and started taking testosterone in order to grow a beard and thicken her voice I said to myself “What’s the big deal, its still a woman”
That’s going to be one fucked up kid!
What pisses me off is not the fact that she’s pregnant, what do I care? She has the right to have a baby just like anyone else. What pisses me off is all the idiots they showed on TV saying things like:
I can’t believe it, it’s a miracle!
I won’t believe it until I see an ultrasound.

Sure enough they show her having an ultrasound just to convince everyone that she’s knocked up. So a chick with a beard is having a baby, big deal.
By the way if that’s a man, it’s the gayest man I’ve ever seen in my life.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Bee said...


Bee said...



Marie said...

I'm sure the bearded lady from the circus probably had a baby too; no one made a big deal about that. It must be a slow week for news, SERIOUSLY.

Tracy said...

And did you see the before picture before that guy became a guy? She was HOT! And she was even a model. And now she's known as the pregnant man.
I think it should be illegal for hot people to change their sex unless they're going to be hot as the opposite sex too. Which she/he is not. hot I mean.
I knew it was a fluke right off the bat because I knew that no real man could ever have a baby. They just aren't man enough.

Dan said...

thank God for that !

Jean Knee said...

my reactions exactly, Dan

I kept thinking the poor kid, the poor kid. as if life weren't hard enough it's "Heather Has Two Mommies Only One has a Beard but says it's a man"

so gonna be beaten to a pulp

Brian o Vretanos said...

So Oprah is powerful they're even making men pregnant for her show?

The best thing you can do is stop watching crap like that. It's why God gave televisions an off button...

Dan said...

Jean Knee


Nancy27 said...

I think Dan likes to TiVo Oprah.

When I heard that I was like "Whooo-hoooo!!! If it's true I'm off the hook for the next one" But deep inside I knew it was a lie...

Besides Guys just wouldn't be able to take it. They get a cold and they act like it's the end of the world.

Tracy said...

Dan-what about my HOT comment? You got nothing to say about that?

Dan said...

if you're ugly you shouldn't change your sex either because you'll be an even uglier man/woman.