Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kia problems

So, I got a call yesterday from the girl that bought the wife’s old car, the Kia.
She claims that she drove it for fifteen minutes and that the check engine light, oil and battery light all came on and she was not longer able to drive the car. This girl is 18 years old, she looked about 16. First thought was she must be retarded. We just spent $450 dlls fixing all that was wrong with it, I told her the best I could do was to give her the receipt of the work done, she can then take it back to the same shop and ask them to look at it. Maybe they didn’t install something right. I then called the shop owner and explained what was happening, he said he would take a look at the car and if it was something they missed or a defective part he would fix it.
A few minutes later I get a call from her mother saying stuff like.
I once sold a car with a blown engine for $200 dlls, I told the buyer all the problems that the car had. My daughter is just a kid that saved all her money to buy the car and now it doesn’t work, why would you do that to a kid?
She should have never bought the car behind my back!!
I knew the car was worthless and sold it to her for a good price, I didn’t give a shit about her daughter breaking her piggy bank, stupid kid. She just learned a valuable lesson. I’m kidding, I’m kidding!!!
Turns out the girl did this behind the mothers back, when she picked up the car she was with her father. I told the lady that if she’s 18 she can for sure own a car.
Yea, but she didn’t even give you her right name, she used mine and signed mine. Her father doesn’t live with us anymore, hasn’t for years.
You certainly can not hold me responsible for that, she was with her father. Be mad at him not me. I spoke to the shop owner, take the car in and he’ll look at it for you.

I’m having these phone conversations while at the Vet. I had to take my dog Nikki in because some stupid big dog tried to eat her. Nikki is about 10 lbs. the other dog was a huge Saint Benard. The wife was pissed off because I stepped outside when I should have stayed with her and Nikki who was bleeding and needed to be held down so that the Vet could tend to the wound. The Wife was all scratched up.
The Wife and I agreed that if they take the Kia in and it turns out the mechanics missed something and fix it we would give them their money back if they want it. I would never screw (financially) an 18 year old girl.

I finally got a call from my new possible employer, he wants me to come in on Friday to hear his offer. YES !!!!!!


Marie said...


Of course we would do the right thing, we sold the Kia in good faith.

I hope they give you a great offer that way I can retire. LOL

You should have stayed with me in the Vets office, that's are baby.

The Wife

Bee's Dark Side said...

DAN!! What happened to Nikki????
I need more details dumbass!

You know, you and SC always all these fun people to deal with! How come I can't be that lucky?

Oh, right.

Good luck! Hope they give you what you want although I'll probably be seeing you later, to you know, THUMB-WRESTLE!!

Brian o Vretanos said...

Caveat emptor.

You're being very fair. Wasn't it worth anything to trade-in against Patrick?

Stephanie said...

That girl is retarded. Why the heck would she sign her mom's name. What a dork!?! Did she really think you would care? Forget that! Money talks.. age is just a number. But wait.. didn't you guys see her license first? Umm.. I thought that's what mom was going to do? Either way don't take it back! A deal is a deal. Tell her to slap her daughter and move on.

Oh & Mom can't blame you for taking the call. That was very important. I would've walked out too.

Marie said...

Not more important than our puppy who had a hole in the side of her body. :-(

Dan said...

You never get what its worth by trading it in, it's always better to sell it yourself.

Thanks, I like how you think.

You were with a Vet, what do I know about dog holes?

Bee's Dark Side said...

How come you didn't respond to me? Is it because you know I'll beat you at wrestling???

Tracy said...

I had a similar thing happen with my first car at 16. My father and his friend went with me to look at an 11 year old Cavalier. His friend brought his stethescope to listen to the engine. Dad's friend said "Oh yeah, this will make her a great car!"
Two weeks later I was driving down the interstate with the engine on the verge of blowing up (which it did) and snowflakes blowing in through the heating vents and hitting me in the face. Great car.
I left a surprise for you all on my blog. Send me the keys to "the car". That's all I'm saying.

Marie said...

It was about comforting me Ding Dong.

The Wife

Bee said...

Dan wouldn't thumb wrestle be because he was chicken!

Bee said...


Dan said...

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Jean Knee said...

did Bee's thumb really kick your thumb'a ass?

I wish I'd seen it

my dog Polka Dot bit the glasses off the vet that was removing his neutering stitches. then they made us leave and got huffy.

who could blame him? you mess with someone's balls and you deserve to have your glasses bit off.

Dan said...

NO ! Bee is full of crap, I beat her.

Someone cuts my balls off I'll kill them and kick them in the nuts !!!!!