Thursday, April 17, 2008

A family divided

So, It’s been Bee’s tradition over the last few years to host a Halloween Party. Last year I hosted it (check Bee’s post from last year to see me wearing my Mariachi suit) yesterday I decided to take Bee’s Halloween party away from her. It will be at my house from now until forever.
See, my birthday is Oct. 28 so it makes more sense for me to host it, I haven’t told Bee yet, I wonder if she’ll get mad. What if she gets mad and decides to host one anyway and tears apart the family. Sister Nancy would go to hers, Sergio would come to mine, my Mom, Natalia and Sofia would come to mine, Rick…hummm not sure.
Of course you’re all invited; you have plenty of notice.
I’m sure Brian, Tracy and Jean would come to mine.
Give it up Bee, you lost! Join me! Lets join our evil forces, together we could throw one hell of a party! (the wife doesn’t want me to use the word HELL anymore, she wants me to say H-E double hockey sticks)

The wife only likes to watch chick movies and little kid movies, I usually don’t mind but seems like lately that’s all I’ve been watching, I’ve had enough for a while. I like twisted, bloody movies that are full of violence and some nudity. It doesn’t have to be soft porn but I do appreciate a boob shoot here and there.
Over the weekend she was trying to get me to watch “The last Mimzy”
I told her:
“ NO, that sounds like a little kid movie”
No its not
Well, is the main character a little kid?
No, it’s a stuffed animal.
I rest my case.

After the Pope was done with his speech yesterday President Bush (who I voted for, sorry for that) told the Pope “Thank your Holiness, awesome speech”
Awesome speech?????????


Jean Knee said...

I'll leave the first comment for Bee......................

Bee said...

Dan, you kid yourself into thinking people would go to yours instead of mine.
Not that yours will be empty, I'm sure you can have fun with Marie's family while I'm doing the haunting thang with ours.

Bee said...

But in all honesty, I'm okay with you hosting it. My house is the hosting house for everything else so alls good.
I had allot of fun at the one last year!

Bee said...

You are so whipped.

Bee said...


Brian o Vretanos said...


Great, your place it is, then.

I tend to mainly watch films and things with Helena, so no sex or violence anyway. At least she likes things with murder and disasters.

Jean Knee said...

yay, it's at Dan's house.

I like violent, weird , dark humored movies quite a lot.

Tracy said...

Since Bee gave it her blessing, I WILL be at your party. If she had gotten angry, I would have had to say no. Bee's scarey when she's angry.

Dan, make sure you tell your wife that you want to watch Love In The Time Of Cholera.
You'll get the boob shots and she'll get the romance.
You both win!

Dan said...

I'm not whipped!!!

i did try to rent that last week, I'll give it another shoot.

Tracy said...

Good luck with the movie. Oh and enjoy the boobaloobies!

Tracy said...

Dan- I did a post for you on my blog. I can't wait for you to see it!