Friday, March 28, 2008

Part 2, The Conclusion

So, where did I leave you? Oh yeah, Ramon’s been asking me for her home phone. Of course I told him I couldn’t give it to him. Since there is always two sides to every story I got Ale’s side next.
She says that after the wife(not my wife, Ramon’s wife) called her she hasn’t picked up the phone anymore. Seems like Ramon is now blaming her for everything, he left messages calling her a Puta, this is the worst insult for a woman, it means whore but in Spanish it’s much much wose. He saying things like “You ruined my marriage PUTA”.
Now Ale is extremely pissed off and saying things like “He got busted and trying to blame it all on me, he should man up and deal with it, I don’t know why he’s playing the victim”

Seems like Ramon told his wife there’s this girl at work who won’t leave him alone, his wife isn’t stupid and knows he’s full of shit but now he’s has to stick to his story so what does he do?
He and his wife take a drive to Ale’s house, he knows that her husband works nights and he’s home with the kids in the morning while she’s at work. Ramon and his wife go to the husband and tell him that Ale is causing problems for their marriage.
What a Punk.
I understand that he’s trying to save his marriage and that he had to stick to the story but once he was in front of the girls house he should have come clean. She called your bluff, you lose.
So now the husband is all pissed off and calls her here at work, she of course is all hysterical and crying, during lunch one of her friends came to me and told me what was going on, as they were going back to work Ale asked if I could talk to her husband and tell him nothing happened. Now I have no idea why she would want me to get involved, as she’s asking me I think to myself “Is she crazy?? why would I want to get involved in this crap???!!!”…… So I grab the phone and tell the husband nothing happened, this guy is having problems with his wife and is looking for someone to blame. The husband asked me why didn’t she tell him there was some guy harassing her at work, I would have gone over there and beat the shit out of him he said. I told him that maybe she didn’t want to cause any problems. He then asked me for his last name and address, of course I told him no.
So now Ale and her husband have major problems, after work they call Ramon and his wife, the four of them are on speaker. Ale’s husband is furious and asked if they did it, they both deny ever bumping pelvises. Ale’s husband then tells Ramon he’s coming after him, I’m going to beat the shit out of you he said.
Later that day Ramon called me and asked that I don’t give Ale his address. He says he’s getting a restraining order and that his marriage is over.

I can’t help but feel sorry for Ramon, he just kept on digging his own grave. He’s about to lose everything for a few phone calls. I wish he would of at least gotten laid.
All that being said if I switch jobs again and I need someone I can trust he’ll be the first one I call. He’s my right hand man at work, what do I care about his personal life.


Marie said...


The Wife

Marie said...

Had Ramon been a real man once he was busted he should have said something like. Yeah I was talking to this women as a friend and things got a little carried away, but we are nothing more than friends. If it brothers you I won't call her again. Sorry, I love you, I'm stupid, and there you go.

It won't work for you so don't even think about it, can you say Lorena Bobbit. LOL

The Wife

Brian o Vretanos said...

I feel sorry for all concerned. I also agree that it doesn't matter what he does in his personal life when it comes to work as long as he keeps the two separate, which he hasn't done...

Stephanie said...

Well, well, well.. This has been quite an interesting 2 part blog. I think you are right and Ramon should've fessed up before even getting to Ale's door because now not only did he ruin his life and marriage but now he's messing things up for Ale as well. That's so not cool. If he really cared so much about his wife/marriage that he would go to great lengths to save it then he should've be up front as soon as his wife asked him the first time. Mom a.k.a Marie a.k.a The Wife is right on this one. He should've agreed to stop calling the girl and apologized. Silly rabbit tricks are for kids!

As far as you working with him, as long as YOU trust him work wise and he's not going to screw you over then what should anyone care if you continue to work with the guy.

Tracy said...

I am just so angry about this. I mean, first of all, he starts it with chasing her, he starts calling her, then when he gets caught, he blames her and tells her husband that it was all her doing.
If I were you, I wouldn't trust him because even though he's your right hand man, he had no trouble getting you involved with this when he got into trouble. It sounds to me like he's taking everyone down with him that he can get his hands on.
He's shitty.

Avodrock said...

Too bad for Ramon, Ale and their respective families. Poor Ramoncito, got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Too bad, as a worker, he is a right hand man, hard worker, intelligent... just make sure you (not you Dan, I am speaking in general terms) never invite him over for dinner, never bring your spouse/sister/aunt/grandmother to a company picnic, never bring your spouse to a company sponsored Christmas/New Years Eve party...

In reality they are both to be blamed, I am sure she was not asking him to desist his sexual advances.

He was just a coward who could own up to his actions. Flawed character if you ask me.

There is no room for people lacking character in CPC!!!!! Ha!!

Some companies have the questionnaire you must answer before they decide to employ you in which they ask:

1. If you find out your fellow employee is stealing from the company would you...

a) Keep your mouth shut, to each his own

b) Tell the offender to stop or else you will inform you manager

c) Blackmail him/her and ask that they give you a cut of the loot

d) Report him to your supervisor

If I had a company with a questionnaire there would be questions like:

1. Have you ever cheated on your wife?

Yes No

2. If you have, was the person you were cheating with married?

Yes No

3. Do you find my wife attractive? (not that my wife would ever cheat on me, right honey?)

Yes No


Dan said...

Lorena Bobbit? that's not even a little funny. I'm sleeping in the basement. Why are you threatening "the love muscle?"

Next time it won't matter since he'll be single. Hey if he gets re-married maybe I'll throw him a kick ass bachlor party and yes BEE, I will invite Andy.

Steph / Tracy
He's been very loyal to me in the past so I don't care much about the personal stuff.

I have no problem with anybody finding my wife attractive.

Tracy said...

Dan-you cared enough to write two posts about it. Maybe you care a little more than you care to admit?
(Ooooo, I just went all Dr. Phil on your ass!)

Jean Knee said...

well, this is all very interesting, very interesting indeed.

see, I commented without saying a darn thing

Avodrock said...


Great, you don't mind people thinking your wife is attractive, great, neither do I.


I think Dan has a secret man crush on Ramon...

Man Crushes live on the Montel Williams Show...

Confessions of the Man Crush, next on Oprah...

How would you react if you are a male and you found out your male boss had a crush on you... next on 20/20...

Bizarre Love Triangles... Next on Jerry Springer... Jerry! Jerry!

Ha, ha, ha!!!


Dan said...

I don't "care" in the sense that I don't think this affects my working relationship with him. I do care cause he's a friend and I feel bad that he lost everything for nothing.

Jean Knee
I find your comments very interesting.

Why do you always take a gay angle to everything?
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Where are you ????

Bee said...

no fair! I was having a day from hell!!!

I agree with Brian Tracy and Jean Knee.

I'll be back. Writing from Scarlett.

Bee said...

Okay, Brain is right because he DID involve you in his personal life. If I ever meet that scum bag I'll SPLAT HIM! Just because.

Bee said...

Also, I put the moves on a coworker.
He became Mr. Bianca Cordova.

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