Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm not posting today

So I wanted to do a post today but couldn’t really come up with anything good. Is it normal for such a young handsome blogger to have writers block so early in his career?
Is my blog destined for failure? I mean I’v done like 8 post and the well is all dried up already.
I thought of writing about my experience at the local Walmart while picking up the Pergola but I said to myself “ the pergola again?” nah, I’m sure all the people who visit this blog are sick of reading about it.
It was a little funny how I went to pick up a Pergola and walk out of there with NO Pergola and a couple of chaises. After the wife gave the lady at the counter her info she asked “You’re here to pick up 2 chaises and a pergola?”
I quickly replied
No, just a Pergola.
Well, I have a couple of chaises too.
Turns out the I WAS also picking up a couple of chaises that I knew nothing about. By the way a chaise is a chair, kind of like the ones they have by the pools. The Pergola was still on the truck so I have to go back later.
I didn't write about this because it’s just not that funny.
I was also going to write about how happy I am the Bret Favre retired, but if you’re not a Bears fan why would you care?
So I decided not to post today due to writers block, since I had already set a side 30 min. of my day and now had nothing to do, I clicked on a few of the other blogs to see what they had to say.
I was impressed by how much work it seems people put into their blogs. It must take them at least 2 or 3 hours to finish a post. I don’t have that kind of time.
I don't have time to take and upload pictures and all that fancy stuff.
So I’m afraid to announce that I will no longer post.
Yeah, sorry guys but I can’t handle the pressure of making you laugh, I’ll just stick to posting comments on your blogs.
I know you are all very disappointed but don’t worry, I will live on thru my lovely sister Bee, she lives on.
You know what, I changed my mind, I’ll continue posting but I’ll just skip today.
Forgot to mention that I have a spare bedroom and I’m going to offer it to
“ Blanket “ because Michel Jackson is loosing his house.


Bee said...




I have always said that you are the funniest of my brothers!
Like it or not, that was hilarious!

Also, I was sad that Brett Favrerer retired :'o{

Also, FIRTS!

Bee said...

I'm glad you're taking in "Blanket". Will you still make him wear a blanket or just buy him a mask?

Bee said...

And yes, I am lovely.

Jean Knee said...

oh Dan, you mercilous teaser

I spend at least 4 hours writing my posts, does it show??

Brian o Vretanos said...

Blogger's block is quite normal, even for us youthful handsome types.

You could at least put up some photos of the famous Pergola.

I hope you didn't click on mine in your 30 minutes - I expect my readers to spend much longer reading and meditating on every word, as well as thinking up hilariously witty comments.

Bee said...

Dan, when you get home. Check out the Pointless Banter guy I'm pimping on my blog. I think you'll think he's funny. You have to wait to be home because his posts are racy.

Dan said...

that aint saying much since SC and RC has no sense of humor. Just kidding SC don't get all sensative on me. I hate Bret. Blanket will have no mask but I'll buy him a blanket. I already left a comment for the pointless guy. His post from yesterday was halarious.

Jean Knee
No, it does not.

I'll post pics. up when its built, because of the snow it will have to wait. I can post a picture of the big box to hold you over.
Reading your blog is not part of the 30 min. so don't worry.

Marie said...

I think what you need to a good workout to get your jucies flowing and maybe after we'll hit the gym. :-)

Bee said...


Marie said...

I'm just trying to help :-)

Tracy said...

That was the funniest non-post I've ever read. Now you know why my blog is called Rambling Thoughts.

Tracy said...

Hey I was 11th and didn't know it...Damn......Well, 11th!!!! whooohoooooo.
And now I'm 12th too!

Anonymous said...

Funny, funny, funny, not as FUNNY AS I AM BEE!!! I WILL HAVE TO PROVE IT.


Jean Knee said...

Go Marie!

sorry Dan