Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Caught in the middle Part 1

So, I have some drama at work. I have a work friend who worked with me in the tannery, when that closed down he and I worked for my brother while I was “between jobs”, we were doing house demolition, drywall and all that remodeling stuff. He’s a very hard working guy (that’s why I recommended him to my brother) I’ve always thought very highly of him, you know that saying, “if you’re in a war and stuck in a cubbie hole who would you want by your side? Well other then my brothers he’s on the short list. Actually, now that I’ve given it some thought I don’t want my brothers either, I’d rather have someone like Batman and the Hulk. Sorry Serge but Batman would kick some major ass.
Ok, back to my story. When I got hired at my current place I gave him a job, so in a way I’ve looked after this guy.
His name is Ramon, Ramon is married with 2 kids. He’s been hitting on a girl that works here for quite some time, a different girl from here gave him her number and he’s been calling her. Now, its not harassment, the girl also seemed to like him too, by the way she is also married with a couple of kids. Often they would hang out during breaks and lunch, every now and then he would give me updates on his pursuit. I’m have to admit I would come up to him and ask “So, what’s going on there, did you do her yet?”
I also made fun of him and told him he had no game. I was just busting his balls, that’s all guy talk.
One day he didn’t show up for work so I called him and he said:
I can’t work there anymore, I have to start looking for a job as a truck driver.
He’d been going to driving school to obtain a CDL license so once he got it it made sense to look for a driving job.
No problem I told him.
Well. It turns out that his wife saw a strange number all over their cell phone bill and she got suspicious. She called using his cell phone and to her surprise it was Ale.
The wife asked her what business did she have with her husband and she said:
“I have nothing to do with your husband, he’s the one calling me”
Now Ramon’s wife asked him for a divorce !!!!!!!!!!

I think she’s being too dramatic, the wife (my wife) said she should dump him.
The wife (my wife) says that he cheated on her just by doing that. I totally disagree, I don’t think she should dump him over this. I don’t consider a few phone calls cheating.
Now Ramon called me and he wants me to give him Ale’s home phone because she no longer picks up her cell.
So I gave him her home phone and …….I’m just kidding, I didn’t give him her home phone.
That’s all the time I got for today but this story began on Monday and its gotten so much better.
To be continued….


Bee said...


Bee said...

I have so many things to say I'm shaking!!!

How could you not want ME in that freakin cubbie hole??? AND IT'S CALLED A FOX HOLE!! I kick MAJOR ASS!! I'm not afraid to head butt people!! Remember Andy?? Remember the door I kicked and made a hole in?? Remember the switch blades???
I can go all gangsta from one second to the next!

He IS cheating!! How would you feel if it was Marie and some other guy??

WTF?? A continuation post??

I know I'm going to see you later so I'll take all this up with you then.

Jean Knee said...

Bee would be the first one I'd wanna be in a fox hole with. fool

Some people would say cheating, others would say no.
But, if you're doing something without your wife knowing then you obviously feel something's not on the up and up to keep it secret.

Now's the time to try to save his marriage if that's what he wants. get the feelings out,communicate a little.
If your marriage is over deal with that before you get involved with someone else. and getting involved with someone married never works for anyone.

Anonymous said...

I figured all the women would sick to their little woman club and think its cheating.
Bee in a fox hole?
She doesn't know Kung Fu
what the hell!!!!
can't comment on my own blog !!!

Avodrock said...

Ok, I believe we have had a discussion in regards to this topic. I too thought Ramon could be a right hand man (after Dan, my brother). If you can recall, I was thinking about asking Ramon to be the Foreman with this whole construction thing if it picked up, however as soon as I found out his intentions were not only to cheat on his wife, but do it with a married woman, I lost respect for him. I could not consider him a man worthy of my trust.

Now the women are going to jump all over me, but here it goes. I found him to be untrustworthy because the LADY was married, not so much because HE was married. There is a code of honor amongst men, and he broke the code, a mortal sin amongst men.

If he is willing to break that code, then he would break any other "man" code.

Now who knows what might be happening between him and his wife, maybe he's been sleeping on the couch because she won't let him sleep on the bed. Maybe she's giving him the cold shoulder and not giving him the love and compassion he's looking for... maybe she has her reasons. I am not saying I justify his behavior, but I could somehow understand it.

However, cheating with a woman who is married is to me a death sentence. It's like staring into a 9mm and saying your mother is a piece of trash... you have to pull the trigger.

Those are my two cents.


Brian o Vretanos said...

You wouldn't catch me going into the hole in the first place!

I don't agree with SC. The person he's cheating is his own wife - after all the other married woman might have her reasons too, right?

Jean Knee's right - if he's doing something he doesn't want his wife knowing about then there's something wrong. Whether he was technically "cheating" with the other woman is not that important - if she feels she can't trust him anymore that might be a good reason for her to divorce him.

Tracy said...

Here's the thing. It's not only his wife he's sneaking around on. He's doing it to his kids too. I'm sure that his marriage wasn't perfect, whose is really? But when you make a commitment to someone and go farther and have children, then you decide that you need some strange you're cheating on all of them.
Myself, I would ask to atleast separate so that he could either get his shit straight or figure out where he wants to be. I would refuse to put my kids through that.
Personally, I think what he did was cheating. Sure he may not have done the deed yet but I think given the chance, he would have a million times by now.

Tracy said...

And I'm not at all offended that you didn't mention that you wanted me in your fox hole. Like Brian, I wouldn't go.

Dan said...

the fox hole isn't voluntary !!!!
As the Dictator of Vertanovia I order all of you to join me !!!!

Marie said...

I think comments like what Dan made to Ramon didn’t help the situation.

“So, what’s going on there, did you do her yet?”

“You have no game.”

That might be guy talk but maybe words of discouragement might be better next time around.

“Dude you’re nuts, your married!”

Plan and simple he betrayed his wife’s trust.

The Wife

Marie said...

Ok, Ok, I'll go in the Fox Hole. Don't know how much butt kicking I'll do.

The Wife

Avodrock said...


Yes, he is cheating on his wife, shame on him, however this is not the reason why I would not trust him.

As a man, if I were to judge his actions in a court of morality, I would sentence him to two weeks jail time for cheating on his wife. If I were to offer a sentence for taking a married man's wife, two years.


Dan said...

SC feel A WHOLE lot wose for the other man then you do for his wife ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Avodrock said...


I never said I felt worse for the other man than for his wife. You don't understand my point.

Read again.

Him cheating on his wife makes no difference to me, I briefly met her. Him being a coward, sneaky pr^ck, stealing another man's lunch would affect me.


Dan said...

Then why only 2 weeks for cheating on the wife but two years if she is married?
I thought it was because he broke "the man code"

Avodrock said...

Only because he broke "the man code".


Bee said...

What about the freakin' "Husband Code" you know the one sworn before God?