Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tourists Beware

So, I was reading the other day about how Mexico is now ranked #1 among kidnappings.
Mexicans are kidnapping tourist for ransom, the greedy stupid ones will hold on to their victims and demand big bucks. The smart ones drive there victims to an ATM and make them withdraw 4 / 5 hundred bucks.
This really pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why didn’t I think of that????!?!!!?!?!?!??!?!?
I could be worth millions (of Pesos) by now. Seems like an easy way to earn a buck.
Juarez seems like the perfect city for me to start my new business; I hear a lot of do goody college students like to go there to help the poor people of Mexico build houses.


Bee said...


I'm gonna start the trend here and now by abducting you!

By the way brother, you're getting lazy with your comments. What's up with just saying "first"?

Brian o vretanos said...

The problem is that when you become rich, they'll kidnap you...

A safer way to extort money out of people is to become a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

If you get Stockholm syndrome from kidnappers that you hired, what happens then?

Just something that you might want to consider.

Jean Knee said...

you could do it here too Dan.
not that I would ever suggest such a thing.

Brian o vretanos said...


I think Jean Knee is asking to be kidnapped.

Jean Knee:

How much do you think Dan'll manage to get for you?

Dan said...

Uppps, I was going to go back but forgot.

They can't kidnap me, I blend in with all the Mexican folks with my Cowboy hat and flip flops.

What the hell is Stockholm syndrome?

Jean Knee
No way, the police would get me, in Mexico they wont in fact, I could have some of them on my payroll.

You might be right, hey Jean, do you 5 hundo in your account?

Bee said...

Stockholm syndrome is when the kidnapees fall in love with their kidnapers.


Jean Knee said...

I don't have a job, Dan.

Dan said...

So if I kidnap a hottie she might fall in love with me and give me her money?

Get one ASAP

Rhonda said...

LOL at Bee.

You better be sure someone is willing to pay for you first, Dan.

Brian o vretanos said...


If you kidnap Jean Knee, I'll give you 100 pesos to either set her free or give her internet access so she can still blog.

Tracy said...

Hey, you stay away from my nanny! She's mine! Steal one of the other do gooders.