Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Random stuff and never ending thoughts.

So, I’m making more of an effort to exercise more because The Wife is making me make more of an effort to exercise more. I’ve had leaner days, I’m okay with my current 20 pound over weighteness, but The Wife insists on leading healthier lives bla, bla, bla.
We went roller blading over the weekend, when I took my blades out of the shed they literally had spider webs all over them. A couple of days ago I got The Wife a bike from Craig’s list and today I’m getting one for myself.

Yesterday I took Nikki the dog out for a walk that ended up being more like a jog, at some point some guy with another dog walked by us and as is usual with dogs they started smelling each others dog butts. They kind of circled each other a couple of times so both are leashes got tangled. The other guy and I started going in circles to untangle them. The Wife who was not far from there quickly pointed out that I was dancing with another man, verrry funny Wife, she thinks she’s so funny sometimes.

I’m a little concerned about getting fit, what if once I’m fit I have all these chicks trying to get some Dan love? With all the watermelon I eat, forget it.

I’m happy to report that my house is now officially “green”, we have a recycle bin for all of our crap.
As I write this the piece of shit guy who is selling me my bike just cancelled on me for the third time!!!! What a retard!!!!

I went to see Hancock over the weekend, the best thing about the movie ( other then the always hot Charlize Theron ) was a trailer I saw for a movie called “The day the earth stood still” with Keanu Reeves it looks awesome, am I the only person in the world who thinks that Keanu is a great actor? Either that or he’s is very good at picking his movies.
I like most of his stuff.


Bee said...

Yes, you are the ONLY one who thinks he's a good actor.

The "Whoa!" is in every movie!

Did you see you're like 22-23 on humor-blogs??

Jean Knee said...

yeah we're trying to be healthier too. It sux
Drew decided to try to quit smoking so I gave up sweets to suffer with him. it sux

Bee said...

Ha! When I read what jean knee said, I thought she said she gave up SEX!

Brian o vretanos said...

I'm sure this health stuff is dangerous, especially if it involves roller blading.

Brian o vretanos said...

Keanu Reeves is perhaps on par with Hugh Grant when it comes to acting, but unlike HG, I've never seen a film with him in it that I didn't like...

Marie said...

Hey "Dan Love" is for me and me only PUNK.

Dan and the mysterious dog walker did do the doggie dance, it was pretty funny. Maybe what he was after some "Dan Love". LOL

I don't know, tomorrow is our 4th year anniversary and I've heard about the 4 year itch.

The Wife

Tracy said...

Hey, I happen to love Keanu. He's kind of like the hot stupid guy in school. It didn't matter that he was stupid, you hung out with him cause he was hot.

I'm trying to do the healthier thing too. Turns out that my illness might not be as hard on me as it is now if I lose 15 pounds. Geesh. Don't they understand that I just had a baby??? like two years ago? I'm allowed to hold on to the baby weight atleast until he's five then I have to find something else to blame the extra 15 pounds on.
So, good luck to you. You know, dancing is a good way to get back in shape. Maybe you and that guy could meet daily?