Thursday, July 3, 2008

Handy Dan

So, I’m off today, got a four day weekend!
Although I probably shouldn’t count today because The Wife wants me to do some things around the house. A couple of my co-workers said that I made a big mistake by telling her I wasn’t working today.
“Do you think my wife knows I don’t have to work on Thursday? Hell no”
I’m going to get up like I’m coming to work, go to breakfast, give her enough time to leave the house and come back and relax.

The other guy is cheating on his wife and said he was taking his girlfriend to Navy Pier, for those of you that are not from Chicago Navy Pier is a tourist spot with boats and a giant stupid Ferris Wheel; never got the attraction to that place.
Are these guys out of their fucken minds!!!!!
Why wouldn’t I tell The Wife I have the day off? I truly feel sorry for them!

Here is my to do list:
I have to unclog the drain from our bathroom sink and fix an awning that is falling apart. Doesn’t sound that bad but I’ve never been able to fix anything quickly. I know that once I take off that elbow looking think under the sink I’m probably going to break it and have to run to the Home Depot to get a new one. Then as usual I’m going to buy the wrong size so I’ll have to go back again to return it. Once I unclog and install the new one I’m going to realize that the water is still going down kind of slow so I’ll take it apart again and put it back together. Once I do that I’ll realize that I have this massive water leak so I’ll have to take it apart and go to Home Depot to get some of that Teflon tape used in pluming. At some point I'll hit my head somewhere and loose the tool I’m using and spend an hour looking for it and find it in my back pocket.
Don’t get me started on the awning job.

I shouldn’t have told the wife I have the day off, I truly feel sorry for myself. I must have been out of my mind. I should have just done what my co-worker is doing now……..the one that came back home to relax, not the Navy Pier one.



Marie said...


Bee said...

HA HA! You are too funny!

Bee said...

Andy is off today too but our roles always seem to be reveresed because he makes his own list of things he needs to do.

Today he is repairing 3 posts in the fence which means he has to dig 3 holes that are about 4 feet deep. Saw up lumber use nails and put th fence back up.

Then he's going to pick up dog poop, mow the lawn, clean out the moat, sweep the driveway... you know what? I'm tired. I'm glad I came to work.

Marie said...

Glad you cleared up which co-worker you wanted to be like, you were is some serious trouble there for a minute.

You forgot to mention last weekend my Dad and I laid a new tile floor in the apartment we rent out. I worked until 4:00 pm while Dan stayed sleeping until 12:00 pm.

Don't worry Hun, if the sink is still clogged when I get home I'll fix it. I was trying to be a good wife and let you think you are handy around the house. (NOT)

The Wife

Dan said...

Sounds like fun! Owning a house is a pain in the ass somtimes.

The Wife
I AM handy around the house!!!
I take my time but I do fix things!

Marie said...

You are right, you are handy. You know there are a couple of things you can fix while you're at it.

1. Fix the drywall in the bathroom.
2. The trim outside that is falling.
3. Paint the trim.
4. Fix the kitchen window, wood trim.

I could go on but I think thats good for now. LOL

Brian o Vretanos said...

You might want to start praying it rains. At least that would get you out of the outdoor jobs. Then explain that though you tried really hard, you couldn't fix the sink.

Dan said...

The Wife
They just called me from work! I have to go in today sfter all.

The sink is done !!!!
I pulled out a bunch of hair, it can't be mine cuase if I would have lost all that hair I would be bald. Gee...I wonder who's hair that is?

Marie said...

Don't hate because I've got a head full of lushes curls.

Dan said...

keep them away from my sink hole please.

Marie said...

HEY, don't you have chores to keep you busy.

Jean Knee said...

that's exactly how I fix stuff too Dan.

hha ha

Rhonda said...

I wish my Dan was handy. He's just handy at breaking things, not fixing them.

And you should never lie to your wife! Unless it has something to do with how big her ass looks. ;)

Rhonda said...

P.S. You asked and I delivered. No more word verify...and a little message about you on the comment box, for now anyway.