Thursday, July 24, 2008

Deep Thoughts

So, I was thinking today about nature. Seems like everything in nature has a reason, we need the sun to stay warm, water to make beer and later to make pee to fight off aliens, trees to cut down for wood, I think trees also clean the air or something, dirt to plant trees to cut down for wood, the moon (not sure what the hell the moon does but I’m sure it’s there for a reason, (I’m sure Brian will give me an explanation) air, animals and fish to eat etc, etc
The human body itself blows my mind, eyes to see, lungs to breathe, ears. I mean everything about it is amazing. We need food for energy and take what we need and crap what we don’t, our brain sends all these signals to our hands and feet to move around …’s crazy.

This got me thinking about the earth and oil, we have pumped millions and millions of barrels of oil out of the earth and I was thinking to myself “What if all that oil is there for a reason?” what if it acts like coolant in your car. What if that’s the real cause of global warming?

I was at Walgreens and saw that the “pregnant man” is having problems with his wife.
I find that very funny for some reason, if they get a divorce he will no doubt loose custody of his children since the mom always gets the kids.


Brian o vretanos said...

The world is an amazing place.

The moon is like a night light, and it does things with tides, which is probably a good thing for beaches and fishermen.

The problem is that the Earth isn't stable. We forget that it's not always been the way it is now, and won't be in the future, whatever we do or don't pump out of the ground, or into the air.

It has been really cold (ice ages), and hot. There are earthquakes and volcanoes. It's not just humans that make species extinct (dinosaurs, etc).

What are weeds there for?

Dan said...

Weed is here to get you high, it also helps with cancer pain.

Tracy said...

Now that you made the point of the oil being there for a reason, I am of course going to over worry this. Although, I didn't know that oil is in your car to work as a coolant. Is that what it's for?

And then Brian makes his comment about how the earth changes so either one day we're all going to freeze, die of heat, fall in a crack, or melt.
Thanks you two for giving me lots of new things to worry about.

Also, I want to know what purpose snakes and wasps serve. I don't like either one and they are no benefit to me.

Bee said...

Wow Dan, that is deep.
Now if you could only tell me what the hell happened on So you think. since I had no cable or internet.

Brian o vretanos said...


Never mind, these bad things might not happen. In which case, we'll either get engulfed by the sun when it becomes a red giant, or be burnt to cinders by it. Scientists aren't quite sure which...

Tracy said...

Brian- Wow, you really know how to set a girl at ease. :)

Dan said...

Snakes are here to make cool boots for Cowboys like me and Belts.

Jean Knee said...

I love Walgreens.