Saturday, July 5, 2008


So, this new study claims that watermelon has the same effects on a man as taking Viagra. I’ve eating lots and lots of watermelon in my day but I don’t remember it giving me any……..boners, I mean side effects, other then satisfying my tummy.
I’m going to my local produce store right now to get me some watermelon, I must verify these claims. Although I’ve never had to take Viagra so how would I know if it’s the same?
One thing I know for sure is that if I owned a store that sold watermelon I’d jack up the price and start charging 10 times what its worth.
I wonder if I could buy some stock in watermelon.

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Bee said...


Bee said...

Have they said what happens to women when the eat watermelons??? Do they become lesbians?

Brian o vretanos said...

Sounds like a marketing ploy. Let us know how you get on - well, not too many gory details, obviously.

Viagra doesn't have much effect on women, so I can't imagine they become lesbians. Are there lots of them (lesbians) in Texas?

Dan said...

I don't know, I hope they don't end up like "Chyna"

I don't know since I live in Chicago.

Jean Knee said...

I live in Texas and I'm sure there are plenty (Ann the Man across the street for instance. ain't that kewl I didn't even change her name)

If she reads this she'll kick my ass,

Jean Knee said...

If she kicks my ass I'll kick her girlie boy hubby's ass

Marie said...

Is that why you get upset when I share his watermelon?

I'll buy a couple of shares of that stock. I would imagine men with that particular problem would try anything that might work.

The Hypocritical One said...

I have to admit I was confused until I read the new story....I heard of a kid in high school that got a boner from a watermelon.
He drilled a small hole in one side, and.....well....nevermind.

Dan said...

Jean Knee
You r kwel.

You have a good reason not to share my watermelon anymore.

The Hypocritical one
Sounds like somthing I did in my teens with a mango.