Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So, I picked today to start laying the smackdown. I told the guy that does the UPS that if he didn’t have any packages to ship out he should help out with the packing.
He got all pissy and started acting like a beeyotch.
After about 10 minutes of arguing he did what I asked him to do, good for him because my right leg was already starting to get in the nut kicking position. I need to start practicing my Kung Fu.
I’m worried about Maxine, once I start pissing everyone off I wouldn’t put it past some of these guys to key her. The owner said I could park in the garage, I didn’t even know we had a garage. The garage has an old door with a lock so I would have to get out of Maxine, open the door, drive in and then close the door. A huge pain in the ass but worth the extra trouble.

Why the hell is “The Price is Right” on so late today and what the hell happened to Bob?
He looks like Drew Carey.
I started re-watching all the X Files episodes, yesterday The Wife and I saw that one with an alien, can’t wait for the new movie to come out.
My boss told me today just before I left that he is very happy with what I’m doing.
“You’re all I was hoping you would be and then some” he said.
Do you guys think its too early to ask for a raise?


Bee said...

So what are you sayin'? That your boss has a crush on you?

Bee said...

I would definately park your car in the garage.

You know what I realized? You are the new guy I always bitch about when I've been working somewhere a while and they bring someone in who thinks they know it all.

Something to ponder...

Brian o Vretanos said...

Well done so far.


They need someone new to question the existing set-up and who'll change things because he doesn't know enough about all the little details to be afraid to...

Tracy said...

You know what your boss hoped you would be? The set of balls that he's been missing for many years. He didn't have the nuts to go around changing things and pissing people off. But now you're there being the strong arm.

Can you have your wife take a picture of your leg in nut kicking position? I was just wondering if it looked like something off of Karate kid or something.

Marie said...

Tracy you visualized the nut kicking position perfectly. All Dan needs is the head band and he's all set to star in Karate Kid part III

Bee said...

I read Tracy's comment and burned my nostrils with the coffee that squirted out of them due to laughter!

Jean Knee said...

please post a pic of the nut kicking position

make Bee do it

Dan said...

I think he does. I'll be in the garage on Friday. I like being the new guy, I can be anyone since nobody knows me.

You would luagh at all the unnecessary aperwork they do, they have computer readouts and actually transfer all this infromation BY HAND onto a sheet, they then use this sheet for their billing.
Why don't they use the computer prinout in the first place???!!!
Why risk someone writing down the wrong number you ask.
I just don't know.

I couldn't of put it better myself, nut kicking position pictures aill be on my next post.

There already is a Karate Kid part 3, that's the one when he comes back from Okinawa and the bad teacher dude from the first one wants revenge and hires some dude to kick his ass.

Did the coffee from your nostrials go back into the cup? Did you drink it?

Jean Knee
Make Bee do what ? Pose ?