Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mo Money

So, I still don’t have my own computer at work yet and it’s starting to piss me off.
There’s one community computer in the office but there’s no privacy, I’m also worried about all the germs that are supposedly on the keyboard. I think it was Brian who said it has more germs then a toilet and he would rather eat off a toilet then a keyboard. I prefer a plate.
I don’t know how much longer I can continue blogging for free, I should be getting paid for it like I normally did.
I find it hard sometimes to sit down and write something after I get home from work, I’m usually starving so I sit down to eat, after that I get kind of lazy.
If I don’t get one soon I think I’m going to start one of those blogs were you can only read if you are invited to it, so all of you will be invited to read after you give me your credit card numbers. I think $5.99 a month if a fair price, $71.88 a year. Hurry act know and get me for $50 dlls a year, operators are standing by.

I usually bath Maxine myself but the pipe that connects to my outside hose broke so I had to take her to a car wash. Can you believe they charge $14 bucks for a fricken car wash!
That’s insane, I bath her in like 20 minutes, although they also cleaned her from inside really well. No one cleans a car better then I do, If I put a sign outside my house and charge $14 dlls a car it could be a good weekend side job. I don’t want to spend my whole weekend washing cars but if I do like 4 hrs. / 8 cars on a Saturday morning that would be $ 112 dlls a week, if I do it for 20 Saturdays during the nice weather spring, summer, fall months then I’m looking at like $2,300 extra dlls.
This plus the blogging subscription fee would be extra income to go towards my retirement fund, since I have no intentions of working a day past forty I need to get this started right away.
By the way, The Wife wants to retire in Texas because she can’t stand the cold so I need Brian to do a blog about how much Texas sucks.

By the time you mail the bones out Polka Dot will be in the freezer next to Cupcake.


Brian o Vretanos said...


Brian o Vretanos said...

I think you should blog about how much Texas sucks, or maybe Jean Knee could do the honours?

I didn't actually say I wanted to eat off a toilet. Maybe you should take the keyboard through the car wash at the same time.

If you start charging for your blog, then so will everyone else, and we'll all end up even.

You need to find a sponsor, or do some product placement, like Jean Knee does. Do you know how much the Kashi people paid her for that one???

Nancy27 said...

Get a voice recorder and on your drive home, don't swear at the traffic and just say what you want to type on your blog.

Then later you can just type it up. I will be more than happy to, for a FEE of course! and no, a free membership or car wash will not cover the charge.

Dan said...

But you did such a good job with Cairo, come on!

Did I mention I'm a really good car washer?

Bee said...

I'll totally pay you to wash my car! Not for the blog subscription because I can easily hack in to your account and just read what you wrote on the sly! :op

Bee said...

I wouldn't want to use the keyboard either knowing the reading material the have in toilet... yuck!


Dan said...

Ok, you have to bring me the car.
So you think you can dance:
Mtv is re-running last season today.
Make Nancy watch it.

Tracy said...

I don't mind you charging $14 for the carwash since I probably won't be in your neighborhood to have to pay it but fifty some bucks for the blog fee? I'm just not sure how I feel about that.
Although, I could probably charge that much for mine too then right? Chris keeps telling me that I need to make some money off of blogging since I do it so much. Something to think about.

Oh and I agree with Bee. Knowing what your co-workers read in the pot, I would wear rubber gloves to use that keyboard!

Brian o Vretanos said...

Dan, Since you're so insistent, I've written a persuasive Texas post. Got to dash as I'm going away for a few days. Hopefully I'll still have internet access, but if not I'll be back later in the week.

Jean Knee said...

Dan, what can I say. Texas is awesome.
The wife will never wear flannel pajamas to bed--never

Bee said...

Brian just said he was leaving for a few days, did he clear this with anybody??

Tracy said...

Bee-He certainly didn't clear it with me but then again, he also skipped me on the horrible trip posts and went straight to Dan's so maybe my clearance doesn't count?

Jean Knee said...

Polka Dot would only fit in my freezer if I cut him into three pieces

Dan said...

I decided to not use that computer at all.

UUUUhhhh, I where are you going, Cairo?

Jean Knee
I'll have to read Brians post before I make up my mind.

Jean Knee
You can cut cupcake in two so what's another piece.