Friday, February 29, 2008

Advertise Here

So, I’m visiting the Bee Hive yesterday and she tells me that people actually make money by blogging. I know some real famous people make money but she told me that everyday people like me could also make money by selling advertising space on the side bar of your blog.
I’m pretty new to blogging but I’m all for making a buck whenever possible.
So, I want to give all of you, my loyal readers first crack to purchase space on my blog.
Take advantage now while the price is still cheap. After today I’m going to all the major companies like Microsoft, Sony, all the Phone companies.
In fact, I’m not that picky at all. I’ll sell space to anyone who’s willing to pay me for it.
Why didn’t I think of this sooner !!!!!!!
I don’t care what your selling or buying, I’ll be your conduit, thru me you can reach at least 6-10 people with plenty of disposable ( or is that disposed of ) income to buy your stuff.
Had your house on the market for a few months now ? Forget Realtor or Remax !
Advertise here ! I’ll sell you prime space next to one of my funny jokes for only $5.99.
That’s right ladies and gents. You get to buy a one inch square space on my blog.
Bee, you want to sell some of that left over crap from last summers yard sale?
Jean Knee, you want to sell some of those creepy eyed looking cat things?
Brian, how about you? want to sell some English stuff you don’t use anymore.
Tracy, looking for someone to help you paint your house green?
Serge, need to rent those empty apartment?
Nancy, need a new job? Post your resume here!
You must act now…wait hold on my phone is ringing, that was Fox ! They want to run some adds for their shows !!!
You guys better hurry before a sign a deal with them.
Remember, I have no morals, I’ll whore my blog space out to anyone.
Looking for love ? Post your picture here. Have a job opening?
Speaking of job, I mentioned in my first post about a job interview I was going to. I know you’ve all been wondering but probably felt it would be inappropriate to ask if I got the job, well I don’t think so since they haven’t called me yet. I think I’m just to good for them.
Although it doesn’t really matter anymore since I’m about to make a fortune blogging.
Look, see that, look over to the right of your screen…see that? THAT SPACE COULD BE YOURS !!!!!!!
I expect every one of you to tell everyone you know about this one in a life time opportunity.


Marie said...

Me first, Yeah.

Marie said...

Yeah, think I'll pass.

Dan said...

what kind of messageare you sending everyone else when you pass ? You should be helping me sell it!

Bee said...

Can I sell one of my brothers? He's the middle child and is a bit of a smartass. Huh? Can I? I'll pay the $5.99 and throw in an extra penny!

Marie said...

Ok, I'll take one ad. I've got a black bedroom set I would love to sell, any takers.

Why only the glasses in the picture when your face is so handsome. (No bias here)

Jean Knee said...

Hope you make more than the $2.25 I made selling crap from my on-line store.

Brian o Vretanos said...

Okay, Let's see how this works:

1. You advertise something for someone and get paid by the advertiser.

2. We (your readers) buy it.

3. The advertiser makes money out of us, to cover the cost of the product, their profit and your advertising money.

So we spend money and you get some of it.

I don't think you're going to get rich that way...

Why not just cut out the middle man and beg for donations? You know "Wife and Pergola to support"

Brian o Vretanos said...

Either that or:

1. Someone advertises on your blog and pays you.

2. We don't buy.

So you sucker the advertiser. Which is fine, but that's not going to be me, so I'll pass too ;-)

Brian o Vretanos said...

Sorry to hear about the job.

Brian o Vretanos said...

A few years ago a British student set up a web page where he sold advertising space at $1 per dot. The page was 1000x1000 and was called "The Million Dollar Web Page". And he filled it up, but only because he was the first person to do it.

Maybe I could sell my blog. Any offers?

BEE said...


Brian o Vretanos said...


You should charge for the 11th comment. £200 a word should cover it.


You'd better pay Dan.

Brian o Vretanos said...

Each punctuation mark counts as a word.

Dan said...

Ok, I'll post the bedroom set today for only $5.99 actually your money is not good with me, you can pay me in " other ways "

Jean Knee
I'll make 5.99 for every 2.25 you make.

Of course I make good money if I sell enough spots. The job thing, no worries, I've got a good job, it was another company trying to see what it would take for me to join them.

You I only take Euro's

Dan said...

I need a new keyboard, proof reading before posting would also help

Tracy said...

I'm not so in to green but I would like to hire a hot farm hand who will wander around my farm naked doing farm chores. I'm sold! Give me one dot please.

Dan said...

you said you made your husband realize he wanted a green house