Thursday, March 12, 2009

28 days later... I mean to go.

So, other than what I have addressed on my previous post I have another reason to wish lent to be over soon. For those of you who don’t know, it’s tradition for Catholics to not eat meat on Friday’s during Lent , fish is ok to eat. Don’t ask me why that’s just the way it is, I have no idea why it’s okay to eat a poor fish but not a delicious cow or pig.
Every year the smart people at McDonald’s bring back their fish sandwiches. The sandwich is actually pretty good, I had one last week. The problem with the McDonald’s fish promotion is their commercial. Click below if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Give me back my fillet o fish, give me that fish! The Wife has been singing this song for 2 weeks now and it’s driving me nuts. We went out to dinner today and as I’m pulling out the garage I could tell she was talking to me but I couldn’t make out what she was saying.
What? I asked her.
Oh nothing, I wasn’t talking to you.
What were you saying?
“Give me back my fille o fish, give me that fish”

She does a little hips don't lie Shakira dance every time the commercial comes on to.
Just last night I was at that point where you’re barley awake, just seconds away from falling into a deep sleep. I was woken up by her shaking her ass and singing “Give me back my fille o fish, give me that fish”

Boy I really need some Vodka!

p.s. I was a little disappointed in all of you, none of you had any suggestions on how to get “drunk” without getting drunk. I would have been happy with a Sniff glue comment.

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Bee's Dark Side said...


Bee's Dark Side said...

Now I have that song in my head thanks!

Brian o vretanos said...

The FoF is one of the more edible things in McDonald's, and is what Helena has every time we go, so she'll enjoy the advert. If she starts singing it all the time, I'll send her to you, though...

I'm sorry you were disappointed by our comments, since I thought that we all made helpful suggestions. Howver, since the whole idea is to mortify the flesh, Lent is no good unless you're suffering.

Jormengrund said...

I've got an idea on how to get drunk without drinking alcohol..

Buy a couple batches of grapes, wait for them to turn a bit, then chow down!

Because wine is just fermented grape juice, so if you let the grapes rot a bit, you'll get the same effect!

Now how's that for a nice suggestion?

Oh, and Wendy's has jumped on the fish bandwagon as well, have you seen their commercial?

Yeah. I'm getting tired of seeing that stuff, to be hoenst.

I think I'm going to have a nice, bug, New York cut Top Sirloin steak for dinner tonight.

Thanks for the food inspiration Dan!

Courtney said...

Hey are u? LOL I have never seen that is a little to much!

Rhonda said...

Ok, fine. Here are my getting drunk without drinking tips.

1. Benadryl
2. NyQuil

Just don't drive. And don't take so much that you pass out.