Saturday, March 7, 2009

Busy, busy , busy

So, like I said before, I’ve been really busy working on the rental untis, I’m glad to report that I’m finally done, today was my last day! I had to go this morning to put some fresh cock on the bath tub and to give my new tenant the keys. I hope she’s not a pain in the ass, I’ve been lucky so far to have good tenants (expect for the one lady that accused me of being a jail warden because I wouldn’t let her out of her contract “I’m going to die here and it will be your fault” she said, I wish I had a blog back then, you all would have loved her.) We are calling the new tenant “Crazy Lady” why am I renting the apartment to someone I have baptized “crazy lady” you ask? Well, I guess I can blame it on the economy, everyone that called to ask me about the place wanted me to throw in the heating bills, gas is way to expensive for me to do that. Crazy Lady has been approved for section 8, section 8 is a government program that pays for your rent. How sweet is that! Where do I sing up! The government is going to be sending me a check every month to cover her rent, although with the way things are right now I’m a little worried, the government doesn’t have a pot to piss in anymore. Section 8 sent out an inspector to check out the place before approving her, I failed the first inspection, they looked at everything! I had to tighten this, paint that, fix this, replace that. I was meant to be a slum lord, that apartment is nicer then my house now, no not really.
I’m done with my projects and that’s great, now I’m going to spend my weekends helping Bee recover from her flood damage I helped dig a big hole in her basement today. A man’s work is never done.


Bee said...

Well, you help me but you also help yo' mama.

Section 8 reminds me of M*A*S*H where Clinger would try to be discharged by pretending ray.he was c

Bee said...

You should have taken a picture of the hole.

Bee said...

oh and first!!

Brian o vretanos said...

Just look at it this way. The sooner you get Bee's basement sorted out, the less time we'll have to go without "Bee n Andy".

I'm sure Obama won't bounce any cheques. If I'd known about this housing programme I'd have signed up and might now be living in your slum flat. I wonder what you'd have nicknamed me?

Dan said...

What! I have no idea what you're talking about.

Bee should do the drawings herself, that's no excuse for her not to do the strip, it's not like she's down there working with us.

The waiting list is about ten years long, I would have called you....hummm....I got it!
Brian the Britt who wants to be Greek!

Anonymous said...

I'm very interested to hear about you're apartment renting adventures, especially with the section 8 stuff. My husband and I are trying to break into this kind of real estate. I'd heard the inspection was a tough confirmed. But it's OK, because at least it's guaranteed rent (unless the gov. goes broke, then we got way bigger things to worry about!)

Oh, and BTW.....your comment on "Eyes wide shut".....totally agree, the only thing that kept us in the theater was the dirty sex husband and I are so immature!

Darryl said...

Oh sure, I expect the edges of my tub to be sealed with caulk but I'm not sure how I would feel about finding a real live cock in my bathtub when I move in.

Maybe crazy lady will have a more positive outlook.

Glad you have finished your projects and have a new tenant.


Tracys Ramblings said...

I just hope that this means you will be doing more posts now that you're finished with your apartment.
When I was in college, I rented this little chalet type apartment. It was a teeny, tiny A-frame place but it was cheap.
The only problem was that my landlord was creepy. I once came home from class to find him in my apartment, sitting on my couch watching TV. He said that he was doing an "inspection".
I started looking for a new place that day and had moved out by the end of the week.
I'm just greatful that I didn't find his cock in my bathtub!

Marie said...

Hey I don't see any mention of your handy side kick. You know the one that ran up two flights of stairs mixed more cement then ran back down with a full bucket of cement.

Women's work is never done!

The Wife

Rhonda said...

"...fresh COCK" ... I hope you meant CAULK.

P.S. Still waiting on my Garrett's.

Jean Knee said...

crazy people can make great tenants, especially if they are afraid of using the phone or leaving the house.

Jormengrund said...

Could've been worse...

They could have really inspected the place a second time, and failed you....

Then, while you're fixing that stuff, Crazy Lady goes and finds a new place to stay...

All that work, and no payoff would've meant looking for a new tenant!!

At least this way you get some kind of payoff for the work, now don't you?