Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I hate people part 2

So, I went to my local Jewel yesterday with The Wife, it was raining, I decided to stay in the car while she did her shopping. I’m not afraid of getting wet or nothing, I was just lazy, we had just come from the gym. As I waited I played a couple of hands of poker on my phone, there I was minding my own business when I see a lady approaching, she was parked next to me. I’m the guy who parks at the end of an empty lot because I’m afraid someone is going to open their door all recklessly and hurt Maxine, yesterday I was all the way up front. I saw this lady (later in this post I will refer to this lady as a stupid bitch but for now I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt) approaching and I thought to myself “this lady is going to hit my car” sure enough she swings her door and hits mine. I honk the horn and get out of my car, she rolls the window down and give me this disgusted look, like I’m making such a big deal. I carefully examine my car and tell her in a normal voice “will you take it easy” I didn’t notice any damage so I wasn’t that mad. She then looks at me and tells me all pissed off “you gave a good day Sir” it wasn’t what she said but how she said it. She then drove off while staring me down. So his stupid bitch hits my car and I’m the bad guy?
I really hate people. She probably went home and told everyone in her family how she barley hit a car with her door and how the man in the parking made such a big deal about it.
People are so ignorant!
Would she be opening her door like that if she had a car worth more then 50 bucks? Probably not!


Bee said...


ha ha ha! i mean damn! :o(

You should have told her you were going to call the cops and needed her car insurance information. Just to see what she did.

Dan said...

I thought about it after I saw how she reacted. I should have asked her for her insurance info. and taken down her license number.
I like the new picture.

Rhonda said...

LOL Bee. I bet that would have gotten quite the reaction.

You could have also faked a neck injury.

Brian o vretanos said...

Perhaps they should start making cars with sliding doors. Sometimes here the parking spaces are so narrow I wish I had a sunroof to get in and out of.

Marie said...

Dan was so MAD I had to hear about it over and over during our drive home, while I did dishes, while I watched TV, and again while I tired to get some sleep.

Could you imagine if there would have been damage. LOL

I mean, crazy door opening lady sucks!

The Wife

Jean Knee said...

right after I purchased my fiest new car (yeah it was only a toyota tercell but it was new, damn it)
some ditz opened her door on my car and dinged it good. This was the first time I had driven it. ditz didn't even have insurance.

I hate people too. I feel your rage

Jormengrund said...

Yeah, I hate this too..

Last time this happened to me, a guy in a beater of a chevy truck had his door partly open so he could see to back up, and ran a nice long scrape down the passenger side of my BRAND NEW (2 day old!) CAR!!

Yeah. No insurance. I just about had a minor stroke when I got out of my car to yell at him about it..

His response?

"At least your car looks broken in now!"

I would have shot him if I'd had a gun.

David said...

I try to park away from other cars when possible. The thing that drives me nuts is the parents with the kids in the back of their big honkin suv and the kids swing the big doors open and bang the hell out of the back doors on my sedan.

I would love to be present to rip the arms off the offending brats and use them to smack the parents about the head and shoulder for not teaching the kids some courtesy.

Tracys Ramblings said...

More likely, she probably went home and told everyone how she was attacked by a sweaty guy in gym clothes while trying to get in her car and she just barely got away from the crazed madman.

Tracys Ramblings said...

One time, the kiddies and I were heading home from the grocery store. It was my first moment of quiet because I had bribed the kids with Happy Meals if they would promise to not drive me insane at the store.
So, there I am waiting for the Vailium to kick in because they did NOT keep their promise, and they're in the back stuffing their faces full of bribe food, when all of a sudden, as I'm passing this nursing home parking lot, this old lady starts to pull out, and I see her slow down and look right at me, then she gassed it and pulled right out in front of her just in time for me to T-Bone her car, right in her door.
I made sure that the monkeys were all ok, the wee monkey had gone to sleep and didn't even wake up, even when the airbag broke my f^cking nose and I screamed like a baby. When I saw that everyone was ok, stuffed some babywipes up my nose, I got out of my super mini van ready to kick some ass.
The old lady didn't even bother to get out of her car and I had to bang on her window so that she would roll it down. So, finally, she rolls her window down and I see that she's like 80 so I decide that I won't beat her down.
Then, instead of saying "I'm so sorry" or "Are you ok?" she says to me:
I just bought this god d*mned car!


Tracys Ramblings said...

She didn't even apologize when she saw my broken nose or my three kids getting out of the car because it had to be towed.
And people think I'm abnormal because I openly admit that I don't like people?
People suck!

Tracys Ramblings said...

And then, the day I got my freakin van back, my mom and I went shopping at one, ONE, store and when we came out there was a dent in my new fender!!

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