Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm Back !!!!!!

So, I’ve let The People down. The People who with anticipation and excitement click on “The People’s Blogger’s Blog” to read about my adventures.
I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I still don’t have my own computer or office space at my new job and of course like most of you I did most of my blogging at my companies expense.
I’m happy to report that office space and a PC are in my near future so all The People will be able to read about my adventures more often.

This kind of sucks because I’ve had plenty of hilarious to me stuff to post about.
None of which I have any memory of anymore, but I clearly remember thinking about a subject and laughing hysterically about it.
My last post was about my inability to find suitable tenants for my apartment building, well I’m happy to report that the two empty units have been rented out, the new tenants are moving in on Sunday. My last post also included an awful joke about the war in Iraq and a stupid fish, I’m sad to report that the war in Iraq is still going on.

I probably shouldn’t admit this but I like the way things turned out.
Got new tenants, war is still going on.
If it had been the other way around I’d probably be kind of pissed off right about now.
No tenants, war is over.
I’d be glad that the war is over but super pissed that I have no tenants.
At the moment I’m happy that I have new tenants but less pissed off that the war is still going on then I would be if I had no tenants.

I hope that made sense to someone other then me.

I’m looking forward to my super long weekend, I don’t go back to work until Thursday.
Monday’s a holiday and Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be in court, I hope the court thing doesn’t take up my whole day.

I think I should let you all know that my internet has been down at home since Wednesday, not sure why. So if you wrote a post and I was unable to comment on it please forgive me. I know what big cry cry’s one of you can be.


Bee said...


Bee said...

Ooooooh Tracy is gonna kick your ass again!

I'm glad you got new tenants but i am upset that the fish was con artist. I hope somebody ate him.

Tracy said...

"I know what big cry crys ONE of you can be"???? Seriously?

We'll see who's the big cry cry when I'm kicking your ass.

Tracy said...

Not that I'm speaking to you, but I'm glad you're back and that you have tenants. I don't remember the fish discussion so I don't remember how I feel about it.

Maybe you should do like I do. I carry a little notebook around with me at all times. That way when I think of something funny or something happens to me that I want to remember to blog about, I write it down.
But if you use a code in your notebook, try to remember what your code means.
I have a page that says "Cry Cry, cane, asskicking" Can anyone tell me what that means?

Brian o vretanos said...

You should be able to solve your moral problems about the war by selling your flats and buying properties in Iraq...

Chris Wood said...

Tracy, it means you were drunk. I find the odd note like that. Inspiration struck when you were full of brown ale or whatever it is you're fond of drinking.

Marie said...

I liked the fish joke. :-)

The Wife

Dan said...

You couldn't even if you had your whole farm behind you.

uuhhh, I don't think the real estate market in Iraq ia any good at the moment.

Chris means she's a cry cry.

So did I.

Rhonda said...

I agree you need a blog notebook. Your conversation with yourself about the war vs. tenants cannot be the funniest thing you have thought of in 11 days. :)