Saturday, September 6, 2008

System failure

So… I’m done with the whole murder trial thing. It was a real pain in the ass, the first two days went something like this.
Check in.
Sit in a room for 2 hours, with a bunch of cops and lawyers.
Move to another room, sit for two hours with a bunch of cops and lawyers.
Move to a room near the court room, sit for two hours with a bunch of cops and lawyers.
Stand in front of a judge who tells you that by law you have to come in again the next day then go home.

I had an inside view of how the legal system works or should I say doesn’t work.
You have a room full of cops and detectives complaining, saying stuff like.
“I hope this goes to trial today, it’s the fourth time I come in for this shit”
Minutes after that someone would come in and tell them their case has been pushed back another month.

How do we let these criminals and grease ball lawyers get away with this!
They find any excuse to postpone a trial, I heard stuff like:

“The defendant is sick and can not be prosecuted today”
“The defendant would like to start a motion to suppress evidence”
“The defendant would like to bring in a new witness”
Most of these guys posted bail and are walking the streets.

It’s only when they’re in jail that it goes to trial right away.

I could feel the frustration of the law enforcement people in the room.
Waste of time and tax money.

We need to revamp the system, have deadlines and not allow so many postponements. The case I was involved in was 4 years old.

After I was done with my testimony the family of the victim were all hugging and thanking me.


Bee said...


Brian o vretanos said...


I'm glad it's all over. They seem to have the same kind of problems here with delays and stuff. Something needs to be done, but it's probably very difficult...

Bee said...

I'm glad it's over with finally. I hope his family has some closure. :o(

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't take 3- 4 years to have closure. If they had taken the law into their own hands and "solved" the situation, I guarantee you that the court would have made an example of them and convicted within weeks.

ow. ya just stepped on one of my sore toes. I'm not usually this way....really....It's not that I have anything against the legal system....they've gotten ME off countless times....did I just say that out loud??

Tracy said...

I'm very proud of you Daniel. You did the right thing.
The thing that pisses me off about our law system is they're so worried about the defendant and his needs:
The defendant can't come in today, he's sick.
The defendant can't go to jail, he doesn't want to.
Blah blah blah

Someone needs to say "Oh yeah? The defendant is sick? What about the victim who couldn't come in today due to a case of "DEATH"? Where are his rights? Who's worrying about his justice?

Oh, that just makes me so mad!

Anndi said...

And they wonder why some people just don't want to get involved.

I'm not famliar with the back story but kudos for helping a family get justice.

There's a real good guy behind those shades.

Jean Knee said...

oh the outrage! four years and it's not even to court yet.

this is so wrong

Mari said...

Oh and by the way This country's legal system is a Joke.

So laugh because it's better than crying, and unless you are the one who commited a crime, start counting your losses.

On the plus side courtTV has some awesome cases sometimes involving forensics.


Diesel said...

Yeah, that's pretty messed up. Can't imagine why it would take that long.

Marie said...

I guess it's better than places that have any legal system at all.

Marie said...

I went that better than places that DON'T have any legal system at all.

Marie said...

Let me try this again because I'm writting like my husband.

I guess it's better than places that don't have a legal system at all.