Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not Fair

So, can you fucken believe what I had waiting for me in the mail yesterday?
Yeah, after spending most of last week in court I now have to go and serve jury duty.
Isn’t that against the law? I think it’s called Double Jeopardy.
I hope they don’t select me because I’m putting someone’s ass in jail.
I don’t care how innocent they might me.
I don’t even want to hear the facts of the case, GUILTY !

Went to dinner with The Wife yesterday the receipt looked like this.

1 taco dinner 7.99
Carne Asada 11.99
1 Margarita 5.00
2 Coronas 10.00

Total 34.98

15 % Tip 5.24
20 % Tip 6.99

Total Amount _________

I’d like to thank the people at “Panchos Pistolas” for telling me how much I should tip, how nice of them to work out the math for me. I felt like Mr. Pink.

After that we went to a Sox game and left in the 5th inning, I got to get my sleep man.

Wow, I’m watching the news. They’re showing all those Texans running from the hurricane, I think I just saw Ronda humming away…in her H2.
I hope Jean’s cock is safe.


Dan said...

First !!!!
Hell Yeah

Bee said...

dan you big dork!

Bee said...

When the hell am I going to get some Pancho Pistolas?? I keep hearing about the place. But! I do have mami cooking for me so I guess it's all good.

Brian o vretanos said...


At this rate you'll be the next Judge Jeffries.

Personally, I always tip by rounding up the value, so they'd have got $40 from me. You can get away with that here because tipping isn't considered obligatory. I'm guessing that in the US I'd be surrounded by armed police, carted off to court for not tipping at least 15%, and then sentenced to death by 12 citizens who were so pissed off at having to do jury duty they didn't bother to listen to the evidence...

Marie said...

I kind of liked that they did the math for me. Although I'm more inclined to do like Brain and round up.

I must be the only person I know that was looking forward to Jury duty and they didn't even pick me.

Jean Knee said...

I had jury duty once, Marie--I loved every minute of it.

Dan, Glad you said something, I will now wrap Mr.CDD in bubble wrap and shove him in my closet. We could lose a window or something.

I'm pretty sure I saw Rhonda zip by....

Tracy said...

Um, Dan, so how much did you tip?

You sure do need your sleep! I'm surprised that you've found the time to go to dinner and a game, what with all of the party decorations and what nots you've been putting up! You are a super multi tasker!

Rhonda said...

If it was a white H2, it was definitely me!