Wednesday, November 26, 2008

turkey lover

So, the Wife asked me to help out with the turkey because it was kind of heavy 19 lbs.

I made a horrible discovery, it’s obvious to me that when my poor turkey was alive someone made sweet sweet love to it and I have the turkey fuckers penis to prove it.

What a perv !!!!!!! Why would anyone fuck a turkey then leave their penis in there?

- - - - - -

I filled up Maxine’s tank with 35 bucks yesterday, gas is all the way down to $2.04 at my neighborhood gas station, why did I feel guilty about it?

I feel like I was ripping them off, gas was $4.99 a couple of months ago.

What’s the deal here, why is it so cheap now?

I think the government controls gas prices, got a war to pay for? They raise gas to $4.99.

Economy sucks! they lower gas to $2.04.


Bee said...

Dan... why do you the alleged penis in your hands??

Bee said...

oh and first!!

So, you probably won't want the turkey leg at mi casa, huh?

Brian o vretanos said...


Here petrol is about $6 for a US Gallon. So on Thanksgiving day, give thanks that you don't have to pay our prices. for it.

Diesel said...

That pic makes me feel dirty.

Tracys Ramblings said...

All I have to say is that you better be ready to flash out a new post soon because I don't want to come over here for the next week and see that....thing! And that is why I don't make my own turkey!
That thing looks so nasty!

Here, there's one gas station that charges $1.79 for regular gas. The other day I put $25 dollars in and almost filled it up. I texted the hubs because I was so giddy. That hasn't happened since high school!

just a girl... said...

That is wrong on soooooooo many levels. and yes my SUV now only takes like $29 dollars its amazing.

Jean Knee said...


Jean Knee said...

ps did it feel like a penis? eww

Dan said...

it's just a turkey neck, although it does look like a zombies penis.

Rhonda said...

Gross. Don't fondle stuff like that!

Gas is only $1.50 here in TX. It only cost me $40 to fill up the Hummer. Woohoo.

Marie said...

That's not a real penis it's to little.

The Wife

Dan said...

Gee, I can see that I've really spoiled you.