Sunday, November 16, 2008

So I heard the pregnant “man” is pregnant AGAIN!

I don’t know exactly why I despise this person but I do. You are not a man! You’re a woman with a beard who cut off her ta-tas (also known as boobs, jugs, tits, honkers, hooters, babaloos, bazookas, blinkers, bosom, cha-chas, chesticles, chumbawumbas, . funbags, gazongas, God’s milk bottles, headlights, knockers, milkmakers, milkshakes puppies, rack, ying-yangs and breasts) you don’t even look like a man. Take away the beard and you look just like your average ugly lesbian.

Poor kids, I feel so bad for them.


The Wife brought home the movie “Kung Fu Panda” last night. I usually hate all those stupid cartoon movies but this one was hilarious, if you haven’t seen it you should run out and get it.


Bee said...

What the hell Dan! I did not need to look at that picture! I agree. That is not a man.

King Fu Panda, huh? It does look funny.

Marie said...

Hey not all lesbian are ugly, take a look at the chick who married Ellen. She'd be my type, I mean if I had a type. LOL

I don't get the fuss, it's a women so why is it such a big surprise that she could get pregnant.

The Wife

Tracys Ramblings said...

Shouldn't they cover up her..I mean his boobies since he's a girl? God I'm So Confused!
Have you ever seen a picture of him/her before he/she became a man? She was really hot. I think she was even a model too!
Now, why would someone go and do that to themselves?
And his/her voice doesn't even really sound manly.

Tracys Ramblings said...

Oh and I agree with the Wife, I would totally marry Ellen's wife!
Oh and Angelina Jolie too even though she's not a lesbian.....yet

Dan said...

Sorry but if I had to look at it so do you.

I didn't say that all lesbians were ugly, I said she looks like an ugly lesbian.

She was kind of hot, although if she grew her boobs back and shaved I still wouldn't do her.

Jean Knee said...

that picture makes me want to spew

Rhonda said...

Kung Fu Panda is hysterical.(We bought it because it is one movie we and the 3 year old can agree on.)

That photo is disturbing.

catscratch said...

Yah... she is repugnant. It pisses me off that she is acting like a he and making bank from being a freak of nature. But that's just my thoughts on it.