Monday, October 13, 2008

Two are better then one

So, I was visiting the Mothership the other day and crashed on the way home.
I’m so sorry Maxine, I’m sorry I got distracted; it kind of wasn’t my fault. The car in front of me came to a full stop while I was checking my mirror.
There’s some construction going on in the highway, they have the regular lanes closed and the ramp to get on is really short.
I slammed on the brakes but didn’t come to a full stop so I hit the guy in front of me.
No real damage to Maxine just a scratch, the other car’s bumper was falling off.
The Wife claims that because I drive with two feet I wasn’t able to react quickly enough.
Personally I think it’s better to drive with two feet, you have two pedals, you have two feet. One for the gas and one for the brake, some people think that in a split second you’re likely to react with the wrong foot. Hit the gas instead of the brake or the brake instead of the gas.
I totally disagree with that because the left part of your brain controls the right side of your body and the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body. So if you have to brake there is no way you would hit the gas or vice versa. I brake with my left foot so the right side of my brain is telling my left foot to brake.
If I drove with only one foot the left side of my brain would be telling my right foot to brake, but now my brain also has to make the distinction between the gas and the brake. The probability of hitting the wrong pedal is way higher like this, plus it takes longer to react due to the fact that you know have to hit the right pedal.
So all you one footed drivers out there need to start using your left foot too, if you get into an accident because you followed my advise I do apologize, although it’s not really my fault, it’s your dumb brains fault.


Bee said...


No, I don't tink you using both feet had anything to do with it. I told you you looked exhausted even though you'll say you were fine. When I saw you I thought you were sick.

I can't drive while using both feet. My dad trained us both so I don't know how you came out screwed up! (:op

Brian o vretanos said...

I suppose that with two feet you might end up pressing down on the accelerator as well and speed up slightly before you brake.

With manual transmission, you press the brake with your right foot and slightly afterwards push the clutch in with your left.

Never mind about the car, it's good that you weren't hurt. The car's made to crumple so that you don't have to...

Manager Mom said...

I've never heard of anyone driving with two feet (outside of a stick shift). Isn't it illegal?

Marie said...

I drive with one foot and knock on wood, have not had any fender benders so I don't think two are better.

The Wife

Tracy said...

Um, well, I'm somewhat confused by all of this right brain left foot thing Dan.
My question is, did you wreck because your left brain told your right foot to hit the gas or are you just so vain that you had to check yourself out in the mirror and both sides of your brain were admiring yourself?
Now my head hurts. I need a nap.

Tracy said...

Oh, and are you happier with my new picture? I wrote a post for you too by the way. Maybe you could bother both sides of your brain to come over and check it out?

Tracy said...

What is this? Some kind of planned assault by all of you? Why the hell am I on the bottom of your blog list too? First Brian and now you Dan. How could you?

Search said...

It must be added that Dan also drives with both hands and properly places them on the wheel at the 10 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions.

He also brushes his teeth with two hands, waves "hello" with both hands, and stirs the cream in his coffee with both hands.

Dan said...

My Dad didn't train me, I learned on my own. Although my Dad also drives with two feet.

I know that cars have crumple zones but I rather they didn't.
I was suprised that the air bag didn't blow off my head.

Manager Mom
I live on the edge!
Breaking the law, Breaking the law!
Judas Preist.

Whatever works for you.

It was the guy in front of me, it's his fault! he should have told me he was slowing down.
Your new picture is way better!
It's not my fault your name starts with a T and then an R.

How do you know all this about me?

Anndi said...

Did you really manage to convince yourself? What if both sides of your brain aren't talking to each other? I type with both hands at once, within the same word... how does that work?

Glad you're ok though.

Dan said...

Sorry but I don't always have all the answers....

Search said...

Oh and in regards to the Cadi, nothing a spray can with some touch up paint won't take care of.

Jean Knee said...

my brother drives with both feet on an automatic transmission


Rhonda said...

Race car drivers use both feet. Maybe you should change careers...although you would need to quit looking at yourself in the mirror so often.