Friday, October 17, 2008

Meat and the new Prez.

What’s the cutoff for eating leftovers?

I pulled some meat out of the fridge that was like 5 days old, The Wife who was on the way out was quick to tell me to get rid of it.
I was pretty hungry but since I wasn’t in the mood to argue I tossed it in the garbage, I waited for her to leave and took it back out, put it on a plate and nuked it.

As I was pulling my meat out of the microwave she came back in because she forgot her cell phone. I was totally busted and she was all grossed out, the meat was in a zip lock bag it’s not like it was exposed in the garbage.
By the way the meat was pretty dammed good still.


So, I’m starting to think that I should make up my mind on who I’m voting for or if I’ll even bother to vote at all.

Obama will win hands down in Illinois so he sure doesn’t need my help.
There is no point voting for Mcain since he doesn’t stand a chance in my state, so why waste my time voting for either of them?

It’s not like the president is elected by the popular vote, if that was the case Jean Knee’s daddy (Al Gore) would have been the president.
Maybe we should throw away the whole “electoral vote” system and make the popular vote what counts.

The problem with that is no one’s going to give a shit about small rural states like West Virginia.(Je je je)

I see why the current system works but it makes me not want to vote.
What the fuck is up with all the early exit poll results!
It’s like 3 pm and they’ve already announced the winner, by the time people get out of work they already “know” who won so why bother voting?

I don’t think it really makes that much of a difference who wins anymore.
I’ll definitely make up my mind on who I’m voting for by Monday. I’ll let you all know.


Bee's Dark Side said...


Bee said...

Dan, gross.

I like how you segued from meat to Prez! I was seamless!

Brian would have titled it "Meat the Pres".

Jean Knee said...

we eat really old food all the time and we never get sick.

I vote for an end to all this voting hyped up madness

and I vote Mr.CDD

Brian o vretanos said...

As you can tell whether it's off or not, you're okay. The cavemen survived, and they didn't have expiry dates on their stuff.

I don't think it matters which election system you use. The main point of a democracy is that people agree on who's going to be in charge, and that they get kicked out after a few years. The actual details are irrelevant.

It doesn't even matter which lunatic gets to run the asylum, as long as someone does.

You'd be better off not having fixed terms, though. That way you don't get a year of campaigns - our elections happen at 3 or 4 week's notice.

Bee: "Meat the Pres" is a rubbish title. Dan's title should have been "Old Meat, New Prez"

Tracy said...

I am coming here to apologize.
No, wait, hear me out!!!
I wrote that post out of anger. After I finished it, I went to Brians and saw that you had defended me. I started feeling bad.
Then I came here and saw that you had moved me all the way to the top of your blog list, this was when I started feeling like a total ass.
So, I edited the post, telling the world (or atleast the few people who read my blog) that you are no longer in a time out and moved you back up.
I'm sorry.

Tracy said...

About the meat..Dan, that's gross. Did you get sick from it afterwards? If not, I'm saying it was still good.
In my house, you would not want to eat the leftovers in the fridge because the big man only knows how long they've been there.
The left over meat doesn't bother me so much as the fact that you dug it out of the trash after the wife left.
And as for the president thing, you have to vote or you are not allowed to bitch about who wins. That's the law according to me. I vote every time even though I don't understand how the voting thing works. I think it should be popular vote too but that's just my opinion.
Of course, I'm ashamed to admit that I voted for Bush and now he shames me every day.

Tracy said...

Why in the holy hell am I back at the bottom of you blog roll??????
I just apologised and everthing!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come on Daniel! Let's be friends again for crying out loud!!!!

Dan said...

Jean Knee
I never get sick either, I vote for no no voting too although that seems like a contradiction.

Old meat, new Prez sound way better. I'm about to sound really ignorant here but I thought England was ruled by the queen?
Does she have no power?
Is she just for show?
Is Prince Chrales going to be the man soon?

Like the song goes.
It's too late to's toooooooooo late
I also voted for Bush, you just gave me another reason not to ever vote again. If you do and the person you voted for is a toatal idiot then it's kind of your fault.
Thanks for the war Tracy, oh wait I voted for him I'm sorry about the war people.
The meat was in a zip lock bag sitting on top of the garbage, when food is in a zip lock bag there's a 5 minute rule.
I out you at the bottom sfter reading your post and seeing my name at the bottom.

Dan said...

I just noticed that Bee doesn't have me on her "Blogs I follow list"

Tracy said...

But Dan, I moved you back up! And I even wrote in my post that I was taking you out of time out!!! Come on Dan! Put me back up in my rightful spot...PLEASE??????

Oh and I too am sorry about the war people. But the reason that I voted for him the second time was becaue Kerry made me nervous and gave me the creeps. I couldn't have that guy as my president, seeing him on TV for his speechs. I would have been a wreck. Or more of a wreck than I am now.

Come on Dan!!!

Tracy said...


And as the 38 Special song goes
"My heart needs a second chance"

Please DAN!!!!!!!!

Esmeralda said...

In this household I don't keep track of time (in the refrigerator). I go by how it looks. If it still looks good it must be good. Unless something weird is growing on it then I throw it out. Your brother always tries to argue with me about dates, I don't care about dates...if it looks good (can't smell funny either) then we eat it.

Brian o vretanos said...


The country is run by the Prime Minister, who is appointed by the Queen. But she always gets the leader of the party with the most seats in parliament to be Prime Minister. She also dissolves Parliament when there's going to be an election, but that's when the PM tells her to. She may well hire and fire Ministers, but again, the actual decisions are made by the PM. As head of the Anglican Church she appoints Bishops and Archbishops, but she does whatever the PM recommends.

The Queen's great, though, because compared to Presidents she's very cheap and unlike a President doesn't insist on having any power. It'd be really expensive and bad if we abolished the monarchy.

If the Prime Minister was a total psychopathic looney, or if the government tried to change the law so that they could be dictators, then the Queen would have the power to stop them, I think...

Prince Charles, a.k.a Big Ears, is next in line to the throne.

Tracy said...

I wrote a little something for you in my new post. Please come and check it out. It could be my best work yet!

Dan said...

Prince Charles is such a dork.

That's a good system.

just a girl... said...

okay seriously gross. I dont eat leftovers I think they are disgusting. Let me ask you this if you order pizza at night and it sits out till morning, is it still good in the morning? most men say yes and I again say gross.

Marie said...

My rule of thumb about left over is 3 days MAX. After that it gets tossed.

So you know this isn't Dan's first time fishing out something from the trash. He took out a bannana I tosssed before. It was all brown and gross but he eat it.

I agree with Tracy if you don't vote you don't get the right to BITCH!

The Wife

Anonymous said...

Keep working ,great job!