Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And the winner is.........

So, I finally made up my mind. I’m voting for Sarah Palin ! uuhhh
I mean I’m voting for John McCain, don’t really follow the whole politics thing so I decided to vote for the party with the hotter chicks.

Cindy McCain is a total GILF !

Sarah Palin is a total MILF ( soon to be GILF )


Barack’s wife is way too wholesome for me.


Jean Knee said...


Jean Knee said...

unfortunately it would be impossible for us women to do the same thing. "HMMMM, who's hotter Mc Cain or Obama. right well there's Biden....... ewwwwww

Bee said...

Dude! Your wife is gonna kick your ass!

just a girl... said...

oh you are so cracking me up with the michelle obama too wholesome. I agree with Jean, I take Biden if I have to choose.

Brian o vretanos said...

I'm afraid that SP does nothing for me.

You need to go and live in Italy where porn stars stand (or lie down?) in elections...

Tracy said...

See, I wish I had that option for making my choice.
But look at my options:
You have McCain who is old enough to be my granpa. He's got liver spots, gray hair that I'm sure he uses some sort of grease on to keep it back like that, and when he starts to get mad, he kind of scares me.
Then you have Obama, who honestly isn't that bad looking but he's way smarter than me and it would just never work.

Maybe I should start switch teams. The hubs has always told me that he thinks deep down I've got a little there because I always point out hot chicks to him. He says that's one of the reasons he loves me.
So, we have Palin who is totally a cutie and she seems to be kind of a crazy and lord knows I love the crazies.
But the McCain lady kind of scares me in a "No wire hangers!!!" sort of way.

I'm not feeling Mrs. Obama and I don't know what Mrs. Biden looks like.

It's a big decision.
I guess I'll have to go with the crazy and pick Palin.
Thanks for the help Dan! You've helped me do what all of the debates, news articles, and TV shows couldn't do. Pick my candidate.
Go Crazy Hot Lady!!!!