Saturday, December 6, 2008

need more hair for my buck.

So, I had to order some more Finepecia (generic Canadian version of Propecia) from Canada and I couldn’t believe how much these ass monkeys are charging me for it now.

I used to get a 3 month supply for 30 bucks and now they want 65 bucks. That’s more than twice the old price. I’d be more then happy to pay the price if I had noticed a difference since I started using it, but I really haven’t.

It’s been more then six months now and I look exactly the same, I have before and after pictures, the before looks like the after and the after like the before so it all the same.

I’ve thought about not using it anymore, I guess if I look the same maybe it is working after all, maybe I would be totally bald by now. I guess it’s still a good price compared to Propecia which costs 65 dlls for a 1 month supply.

I just wish I had an Afro by now.

I saw on Fox the other day that 24 is coming back to T.V. I’ve been a fan of the show since it came out but theirs a different President now?????

Come on, Jack has gone thru like five Presidents since the show started.

Their was the first guy, then the Black president (the guy from the Allstate commercials) who was a senator in the first season, then the other guy that had the crazy wife, then the Allstate commercials Presidents brother Wayne and now a woman President. That’s five in like 5 years, they should at least make Jack look a little older.

I can’t even think of 5 different Presidents.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Reagan. Off the top of my head I could not tell you who was President before Reagan. In a few days I’ll have five but Obama isn’t in charge yet.


Brian o vretanos said...



Brian o vretanos said...

I'm afraid that having a full head of hair, I don't know much about these miracle restoratives, but I've always assumed that they're rip-offs. You'd be better off with shoe polish, or tar.

Bee said...

I don't know Dan, if you haven't lost more, maybe that is a good thing.
24 sucks

Brian o vretanos said...

I looked this up online, and according to Wiki, about 4/10 of people taking this find that they experience no hair loss, and another 5/10 actually grow more hair.

It seems that since men go bald and women don't, that this treatment is based on doing something to male hormones. Side effects include growing breasts, and having a crush on your boss...

Dan said...

Yeah, I think I'm going to stick with it.

I think it blocks the Dihidrotestosteron that goes to your hair.
If I have to grow breasts to avoid being bald so be it, I'm kidding of course. If I notice my man nipples bet bigger I'll stop.

And I do not have a crush on my boss, you and Tracy are gonna get a kick in the nuts !

Nancy27 said...

have you tried the horse shampoo? It might help...

Marie said...

Sorry Sweetie, only one set of breast allowed in our relationship!

I agree with Bee 24 Sucks ass.

The Wife

Jean Knee said...

hey, Drew used Rogaine and he grew more hair, it works.

he got tired of spraying it on so he chucked it

73% of Americans have had a crush on their boss

Rhonda said...

Jimmy Carter was before Reagan.

Jormengrund said...

Why would you want to stop using something if it gave you boobs?

At least then you'd have a full head of hair, and boobs to play with whenever you wanted!

That, and it'd give your boss something else to appreciate about you as well!

Tracys Ramblings said...


Tracys Ramblings said...

Dan Dear,
I think that you should let us be the judge of whether or not your fake hair stuff is working and post your before and after pictures for us.
And if only you had said President Bush twice you would have had five. Remember, the father came before the son?

Tracys Ramblings said...

And I refuse to take the blame for shoving you out of the closet! It had to be done!

Tracys Ramblings said...

You should be thanking me Dannie!
And I do not have nuts.
I have boobies,

Like you will if you keep using that fake stuff....


Dan said...

Oh, yeah. I should have known that.

Well done ! Why does everybody seem to be at their funniest now that they're making fun of me?

For my hair? no. I'll stick to human shampoo.

I did say Bush twice.

Anndi said...

Have you tried a comb-over? Or a Chia pet?